10 Best Tech Gifts for Mom

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This is my first post on tech gifts for your mom, but you can count on many, many more over time. Let’s get started on some new technology gifts that will appeal especially to women. In fact, let’s learn about the best tech gifts for Mom.

First, some of these tech gift ideas will be familiar, but hang on. I’m also looking for out-of-the-way ideas that Moms will love.

And, just so you’ll know, if you choose to buy anything, I will probably make a little money on the commission. Just sayin’.

Fire HD 8″ Tablet

Let’s kick off our “Tech Gifts for Mom” post with a Fire HD 8″ Tablet with 16 GB storage space that she will LOVE. Amazon sells this model for about $80 (always check before buying), and it comes in several colors.

She doesn’t have to be an Amazon Prime member to use the Fire tablet, but if she joins, I guarantee she’ll find plenty of high-quality movies to enjoy.

And, btw, this tablet comes with a three month free subscription to Kindle Unlimited. If your mom is a reader, she’ll like that!

If she uses Alexa, that can be enabled for hands-free use.

Enthusiastic review:

“I use my Fire HD tablet to read books, listen to audio books and watch TV & movies. I really like how quick & easy it was to get the new tablet up & running. Great sound and picture”

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite

Next, check out the beautiful Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, with it’s easy-on-the-eye (mostly) glare-free display. It’s the lightest, thinnest Kindle ever, and this new one is waterproof. I wouldn’t toss it in the washer, but if your Mom likes to read at the beach or in the tub, she should be good to go. The screen is 6″, which is a handy size.

It’s easy to pack and, of course, MUCH lighter than carrying ten books. She can use Overdrive to easily borrow books from her library. This Kindle has twice the storage of earlier models, so you can buy books for her on later occasions. This runs about$130, but always check the current price.

I just love my Kindle.

Enthusiastic review:

“I am an avid reader and adore the new paperwhite! To me, it’s the perfect reader. No light bleed thru, easy to control the amount of backlight, easy to download books and simply just easy to read my books. It did not come with the very latest software uploaded but within 24 hours of being connected to my WiFi, the kindle updated itself. Honestly, I’ve never purchased a smart phone that didn’t need an update within minutes of activation…Android or Apple.
Using overdrive on my phone or tablet, it’s easy to borrow books and return books from my library. The newest update allows you to return right from your paperwhite and that is a huge improvement. As a prime member, I get a free book every month plus I follow several emails that alert to free or greatly discounted books. 8 GB of storage is way more than enough for me. I find the weight to be significantly less than a paperback even with a case. I am happy with this purchase!”

Amazon Oasis eReader

Look, I REALLY love the Amazon Oasis 7-inch High Resolution eReader. You’ll find that this is the newest, spiffiest, Rolls Royce model on the market today.. This one is as good as it gets, folks. I also wrote about the Amazon Paperwhite because that’s cool, too and would make a lovely gift, but if you want the absolute best e-reader for Mom, here it is, the 9th generation Oasis. You can order for about $230.

So what exactly do you get with the new Amazon Oasis eReader? Well, you can change the color temperature of the display, the first time that has been possible. A warmer light is much softer on the eyes.If your Mom likes reading at night, that will save her from eyestrain. I can promise you that saving your eyes is worth a lot. Anyway, she can schedule the warmer temperature display for evenings and night and a brighter one for daytime beach reading. It’s also possible to set the fonts to large for the visually impaired. That has been true for some time, but in the Oasis, the larger fonts look presentable.

You get a bigger screen and more storage that the Paperwhite model. This one is also waterproof. Did I mention it has built in audible? Some say this is the very best eReader Amazon has ever produced.

It’s not available until 7/24/19, so you may have to wait, but you can preorder today.

Night Lite Bluetooth Speaker

How about this tres cool Nightlite Bluetooth speaker with a good volume and an attractive look and feel. This supports bluetooth, and she can set this by her bed and listen to music as she falls asleep. The six-color changing feature can be activated easily. If that is annoying, she can choose one color and keep it there. They have a nice soft, warm white light with varying levels of brightness. She can find exactly what she wants.

With the ten hour battery, she can listen to music or podcasts a good long time. But what is really cool is that she can set this speaker to go off when she wants.

It’s portable so she can use it outside by the pool.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“This is very beautiful and portable speaker! Way louder than I ever expected from such a small speaker. Love the colors and ease of use. Super durable as well. It latest so many hours playing. The different color lights add to the feeling the music brings as well as a night light. I like that I can have it shut off after I fall asleep or can choose to leave it lit. All and all I would definitely buy this again!!!”

Instant Pot DUO60 Six-Quart Pressure Cooker

This little gem is the Number 1 selling multi cooker, and no wonder. It’s the Instant Pot DUO60 six-quart Programmable Pressure Cooker, available from Amazon, that is like seven cool kitchen tools all in one. It can be a pressure cooker or a slow cooker. It can be used to cook, saute or keep food warm. She can make rice with this little baby or even yogurt. The inner pot is made with stainless steel, easy to clean, and it has all the latest technology. It’s about $80, but always check the latest price to be sure.

A note: There is a smaller version (3 quarts) and a larger model (8 quarts). I think this size (6 quart) is probably sufficient unless your mom does a lot of entertaining for large groups. If she just cooks for one or two people, the smaller (3 quart) is your best bet. Remember that most recipes are written for the 6 quart model, so factor that in when you choose.

You could throw in an Instant Pot cookbook, too. This one has 500 easy, healthy recipes for every day use. The Amazon reviews are quite good.

Enthusiastic review:

“I use this for everything! How did I live without this before???

I live in a Sprinter van full-time and was using an induction burner for cooking, but since I’ve gotten this little gem, I haven’t used the induction burner once!

This is so easy to use, and it’s the perfect size for one or two people. I’ve been making a lot of stews, and I’ll saute the onions, carrots, and meat (if I’m using meat) then add everything else, seal it, and set it for 7 minutes on high pressure. I let it release naturally and have a perfectly cooked, tasty meal every time. This gives me enough for 4 or 5 servings.

I also quick soaked beans the other day by covering them with water, hitting pressure for 5 min. then letting it release naturally and let it sit (not on keep warm) for a couple of hours.

I’ll often make dinner right after I reheat my lunch, and make sure the keep warm function is on. I’m able to drive with it in my sink and have a hot, healthy, delicious meal waiting for me when I’m done driving.

I’ve even baked banana bread in it!!! So exciting, because I don’t have an oven. It turned out SO good! I used one of the containers and the lid from my To-Go Ware stainless steel lunch container to bake it in on the rack.

Because this cooks so quickly, it is very easy on my solar system. I can reheat leftovers on saute in 4 minutes, and it’s only drawing 67a while it’s on.

I did have a VitaClay, that I absolutely loved for making beans, and especially bone broth, but it takes much longer to cook and is heavier. So, more battery drain, more storage space, and more weight as compared to the Instant Pot Mini and the Mini wins on each count!”

Logitech Wireless Mouse

Next on our list of best tech gifts for mom is a good quality Logitech M510 Wireless mouse that provides welcome relief to the hands without costing an arm and a leg. It’s under $20 on Amazon and sports soft rubber grips that works for right- or left-handed Moms.

They claim that this will run two years on the same batteries. Your mom can program the buttons to switch to another app or even jump to a full screen on Youtube, so it’s quite customizable. And it’s wireless, so no more wires always getting in the way. This mouse is hyperfast. Note that if your Mom has smaller hands than normal, this will not be the best gift for her because this model is slightly larger than a regular mouse.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“I’ve owned Logitech mice in the past, my last one lasted for almost 5 years and endured heavy use before it finally crooked. When that one died I tried to save a few dollars and bought a no-name brand, what a mistake, it didn’t even last a year. It’s Logitech or nothing from now on, they’ve NEVER let me down, last for ever, have a long battery life and true plug-n-play set up.
This particular mouse is a bit longer slimmer than what I’m used to. I have small chubby hands with short fingers so it’s taking a bit of getting used to, this is not a fault of the maker, I think that for the average person the shape would be ideal. However the buttons are easy to depress so even tho my short little fingers don’t reach to the end of the buttons, I don’t have a problem with operation. I only mention it so that if you have small hands, just keep in mind that this mouse is longer.

The side buttons are perfect for web surfing, allowing you to go forward or backwards from site to site with a press of a button. The scroll wheel is smooth and also serves to scroll left and right. One last thing, inside the battery compartment, which by the way there were 2 duracell batteries installed and ready to go not some cheap crap from china, anyway, inside the battery compartment is a place to put the little widget/receiver so you don’t loose it if you have to pack up your stuff.
As for the finish, the top is a nice metallic blue, the sides are a rubbery texture for a good grip. All in all 5 stars, another great peripheral from Logitech”

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Does your Mom like to keep a journal or add to her scrapbooks? If so, how about an HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer so she can print photos right from her phone? She can connect her social media platforms to the free app and print away. Amazon has it for about $100 (always check the latest price).

You might consider adding a supply of the sticky-back photo paper used for this printer.

Before she prints some photos, she can add text or borders and let her imagination rip. There IS a later version of this printer, but reviewers seem to like this one just fine. The new version costs about $30 more, so it depends on your budget.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“Look, I never write reviews. However, I was pleasantly SHOCKED by how clear my photos came out. This is my third try at portable printers, and it’s BY FAR the best. My family travels a lot, my kids like to do Smash book style scrap booking on the go, but now we don’t have to rely on crappy Instax instant pictures! Plus, the sticky back makes them easier to get in your smash book!

I love that you don’t have to take the backing off if you don’t want them to be sticky.

This thing is perfect for quick journaling or scrap booking. It couldn’t complement the smash books more. “

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Here’s a totally cool Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug to keep her coffee or tea at the perfect temperature. What’s special is that she doesn’t have to turn the mug temperature control on and off. The mug sleeps when empty and leaps into action when it senses liquids.

You control the temperature through use of an app that lets her set the desired temperature. She will need to charge up the mug before use. Maybe you can do that for your Mom so she can use it right away. This one costs about $80 on Amazon and comes in black or white.

Make sure not to use a sponge with a scrubber on it when it is cleaned. Just use soapy water, and she’s good to go.

Enthusiastic review:

“Just what I needed! I hated how quickly my coffee cooled down but not when using my Ember cup! The cup charges by sitting on what looks like a saucer so I have that next to the coffee pot. Charged quickly and battery lasts hours, I haven’t had it die on me yet, used for about three hours so far. Has pre set temperatures that can be adjusted warmer or cooler from the app. It goes into sleep mode so no turning on and off just wash dry and sit on saucer.

In the directions it says to not use metal so I got silicone spoons from the baby section to stir my cream and sugar.”

Phone Soap UV Sanitizer

Ok, this little Phone Soap UV Sanitizer is an absolute winner. Everybody knows how filthy phones can get. More germs than we can imagine. This little beauty costs about $80 on Amazon and will help Mom disinfect her phone.

They claim it kills 99% of germs and can get to the crevices where the little buggers hang out. It also charges the phone, so it comes out whistling clean and ready to use again. It is anti-bacterial and anti viral.

Note that there are refurbished models, so you can drop the price by about $30 if you don’t mind a used sanitizer.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“I work in a large dental clinic with 50+ docs and even more assistants. Anyone who knows about dentistry knows that there are a lot of aerosols given out during almost every procedure. Since we don’t have a radio in the operatories, I’ve had to use my phone for music. Before phone soap I had to wipe my phone down every time with Cavicide wipes…not the best for your phone.
Enter PhoneSoap! I’m able to sanitize my phone without destroying it with cavicide! We’ve even tested and swabbed the phone for cultures before and after…this sucker works! Hands down, great investment. I’ll be buying another one for the home because this one is staying in my office.

Cricut Easy Press

Here’s a great gift for the Crafty Mom who likes to put decals and name tags on clothing. This is the new Cricut Easy Press 2, 9 X 9 inches. She can decorate tee shirts, pillow cases etc.

This baby has adjustable heat for professional results. Decals will stick to the clothing even after multiple washing. It has an insulated base for the press to rest on between presses. It’s light weight and runs about $150 on Amazon. If your Mom is into crafts, you can’t go wrong here.

Be forewarned: This should be on anyone’s “best tech gifts for Mom” list, but you may wind up with decals all over your stuff.

Enthusiastic review:

“I have been wanting to purchase a heat press for quite some time. I read and study reviews before making a purchase decision. The big and bulky heat presses seem nice, but I lack the space currently. When I learned that the EasyPress 2 now has higher heat temperatures, I read all of the reviews and decided that this would best fit my needs. I purchased the largest one available. I LOVE that it is portable and was able to take it on vacation with me and craft with my grown daughter. She’s about 8 months pregnant and wanted to make cute things for the baby’s room. This EasyPress came in handy and I could not be more pleased with it! I suspect that I will get plenty of use out of it. #happy”

And there you have it, the top 10 best tech gifts for Mom.

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