Gift Ideas for a Yoga Mom

Unarguably, yoga is one of the best activities your Mom can do to keep her body and mind in tip top shape. But what to get for her if you don’t indulge? Here are some gift ideas for the Mom who loves yoga or is just starting out.

Remembert to include a gift card for a couple of local yoga classes to get her started.

Clever Yoga Mat

The Clever Yoga Mat is non-slip and thicker, longer, and wider than the usual mat. The added thickness (about 1/4 inch) helps prevent sore knees. The mat can be used for Yoga and/or Pilates.

These mats come in a variety of colors and can be found on Amazon for about $30. Note that this site is an Amazon affiliate site, which means I make a small amount if you purchase from here. You will not pay extra for my service.

This mat is a quality product at a reasonable price.

Enthusiastic review:

“I love this yoga mat. It didn’t smell and it’s nice and thick – not super thick, but thick enough that it does cushion your knees and hands. And the bonus is that is also makes a nice toddler play mat. The yoga mat was left out on the laminate floor one day, and my 14 month old grandson enjoyed sitting on it while playing. The mat has such a good foot grip that my grandson who was struggling to walk on the laminate even with bare feet was able to walk the length of the mat without falling. If he did fall, the mat was thick enough to cushion his small tumble.”

Manduka Enlight Yoga Bolster

A good yoga bolster is a must for serious yoga lovers. This Manduka Enlight Lean Yoga Bolster will support your Mom. I note that this bolster is smaller than the usual size. It runs about $43 on Amazon.

Another option is the larger Manduka rectangular bolster, which is standard size. I have included a link for your perusal. This one costs about $53 over on Amazon.

In any case, the smaller one is easier to lug around. If your Mom takes classes, she might prefer the more standard-sized bolster.

Enthusiastic review:

“Manduka makes great products and this bolster is not exception. Extremely well constructed and very comfortable!”

SukhaMat Yoga Kneepad Cushion

Yoga can be quite hard on the knees and, yes, this is the voice of experience here. But there are ways to ease the pain, and this SukhaMat Yoga Kneepad Cushion might be just the ticket. (Note that this mat can be used under the elbows, too.)

The mat is 5/8″ thick and is two feet wide. It is light weight and flexible. Th fam materiel sticks to your mat, so it won’t slip out from under your Mom’s knees. Amazon sells it for about $19.

Enthusiastic review:

“This is awesome! My knees have been sore from yoga lately (too many table tops and forward lunges). Instead of buying a thicker mat, I found this. It’s been awesome! It’s small enough that I can still carry it with my other yoga gear. It fits perfectly across my mat and between the thickness of this mat and my actual yoga mat, my knee pain is gone!

My only “con” to this is how it was sent. It was so tightly curled, I had to weigh it down to get it to stay straight.”

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Blocks and Strap Set

If your Mom is already super flexible, she might not need this blocks, but, frankly, the Gaiam block props and strap are a staple in my practice. They just provide extra stability and balance. The blocks are made of foam. Some people prefer cork blocks, but these don’t slip, and that’s vital.

Amazon sells the set for about $17.

Enthusiastic review:

“Love these!! They really do help when doing my yoga or any exercise that I need a little extra help even if it’s to lift the hips up a bit! The strap is amazing and better than trying to find a towel or shirt to use that’s a good length without trying to rip it either haha. I say well worth it!”

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Now here is a seriously cool gift for the yoga Mom. It’s a Tibetan Singing Bowl Set, sure to enhance yoga and meditation practice. Help your Mom heal and deepen her yoga practice. The set runs under $25 on Amazon. Really, your Mom will love this addition.

Enthusiastic review:

“I purchased a different singing bowl for myself and like it well enough. Then Amazon suggested this bowl. So I bought it as a birthday present for my cousin. Of course I had to test it to see what it sounds like. OMGosh it has a beautiful tone and is very easy to make it sing!! You can tangibly feel the vibrations in the air from it. And since I love it so much, I went ahead and bought one for myself =)”

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