Siphon Coffee Makers for Mom

Siphon Coffee Maker

People who have siphon/syphon coffee makers swear this is the best, in fact the ONLY way to brew a cup of joe. Here are some terrific siphon coffee makers for Mom to try.

Diguo Belgian Luxury Siphon/Syphon Coffee Maker

People love this little beauty, both for its elegance and for its amazingly delicious cup of coffee. This Diguo Belgiun Luxury Royal Family Siphon/Syphon Coffee Maker brews a perfect cup. Yes, it does.

It uses a cloth filter which lets in only the smallest coffee ground particles. If your mom likes bold, flavorful coffee, this WILL put a smile on her face.

But, let’s face it. This unusual coffee maker looks awesome. It’s absolutely gorgeous. you can buy it on Amazon for $125 or so. To be fair, you will also need to buy some denatured alcohol and probably a replacement filter. But oh, what a treat your mom will have.

This bad boy was invented in the mid 18th century. It’s cool, just cool.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“Love love love this machine. It’s like watching a science experiment. First time is a little tricky but after that easy to use and makes a great cup of coffee. Not recommend for a group only makes 1-2 cups at a time”

Coffee Siphon 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Here’s a terrific little machine for lovers of the siphon method coffee. This Siphon 5-Cup Coffee Maker makes regular or cold-brewed coffee.

The upper and lower bowls are made of glass (hint: makes it easier to keep clean.) Amazon has this siphon-method coffee maker for about $35.

Enthusiastic review:

“My husband is a coffee snob from his years in the military and got me hooked on coffee from this device, its the best way to enjoy the flavors of the coffee beans and fun to watch!”

Hario Technica 5-Cup Glass Siphon Coffee Maker

If you don’t know your way around coffee makers, then I’ll mention that Hario is one of the top brands in the business. This Hario Technica 5-cup Siphon Coffee Maker will not disappoint your mom.

The upper and lower bowls are made of high quality, heat-resistant glass. It runs under $75 on Amazon.

By the way, one commentor suggested buying a butane burner to speed up the brew time. This model DOES come with its own buner, but I mention that in case you want to tack on an extra present. Here is a Zripool Mini burner for about $25 that should do the job nicely.

Enthusiastic review:

“Wow! Yes it is unbelievably pretentious. It’s also unbelievably fun, and makes a damn fine cup of coffee. I’ve never had a cup that is both full flavored and smooth as my first cup from the Hario siphon. This five cup version brews enough for 2 smallish mugs. If you are hooked on grande and venti sizes, consider it a single serve brewer. A nice way to break bad, without incurring the legal risk of cooking some crystal blue persuation.”

Boeng 5-Cup Siphon/Syphon Tabletop Coffee Maker

Fans of siphon coffee makers love this guy. It purports to make 5 cups of delicious brew. Amazon sells the Boeng 5-Cup Siphon Tabletop Coffee Maker for under $35.

As with all of these machines, you have to buy the fuel separately. Here is a link to a quart of denatured alcohol that will do the trick. Many reviewers also recommend a separate Butane gas burner to speed up the process. You don’t have to buy the Butane burner, but you might find the included burner too slow.

Here is an enthusiastic and helpful Amazon review:

“Does a better coffee than $500 superauto espresso machines. Puts drip perk, mokas and ‘poor’ over to absolute shame.
Feel like Im making some alchemists’ magic potion. & I Don’t have to tip some bro-ista at whore-bucks for screwing up the best part of my morning.
Some tips that make it perfect:
Buy a tabletop Butane Jet burner, ($35)
And a case of butane lighter fluid,
most important- get some ‘rosin’ essential oil 45 micron nylon bags for the Filters. You can reuse them quite a few times, I usually change them after siph thru a lb of coffee, & they stain with coffee oils.

KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Maker

KitchenAid is another brand name known for quality, and this KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Maker promises precise temperature control and great vacuum technology. It comes in Onyx black or silver and runs about $200. If your Mom is serious about her coffee, she will be very very happy with you.

This machine brew eight cups in about seven minutes after you flip the switch, and you can’t beat that. I’m told the entertainment value makes the seven minutes fly by. Apparently, you need to make at least two cups per use, but Mom certainly doesn’t have to make all eight cups.

Excerpt from an enthusiastic Amazon review. I recommend finding and reading this helpful review all the way through. The bottom line is that if you like siphon coffee, you will love this machine:

“If you read the reviews regarding this pot, you quickly realize that the positive reviews are from people with expectations that differ markedly from those who write the negative reviews. To decide if you want this pot, you have to decide what you want from a coffee pot. This review will (hopefully) help with that.


If you want the kind of EXCELLENT coffee that only a vacuum pot can provide (and don’t mind the little bit of extra clean-up that comes with that), this pot is a steal! If you want to do little more than put pre-ground supermarket coffee and water into a machine, push a switch the night before, and eventually stumble into the kitchen for something hot and brown that will wake you up; you won’t be happy with this pot.”

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