10 Gift Ideas for New Moms

Mom and Stroller

It’s fun to shop for new Moms because the birth of a baby is so memorable. But finding gift ideas isn’t always easy, so we’ve collected some ideas we hope will inspire you. Note that the idea here is that these gifts are intended to help the new Mother. Baby gifts are something else. All of these would be quite suitable for a baby shower, so check it out.

Graco Baby Swing

This swing is guaranteed to make Mom smile because when baby is happy, Mom is happy, too (but you knew that, right?). This Graco Everyway Soother Baby Swing sports a removable rocker, so Mom can easily transport the new guy/girl even when not rocking. But the real joy is in the soothing rocking motion that can go either side to side or front to back. Amazon sells this little beauty for about $160 (always check for current price). Yes, it’s a little steep, but new Moms need their rest, too. Consider it.

The rocker swings 16 different ways, so baby can experience new motions and won’t grow bored. A calm baby is worth the weight in gold.

Enthusiastic review:

“My baby is quite happy in this seat. It is a good place to temporary put the baby when we need to attend other things. It is also a good place to communicate with the baby. Sitting in front of this seat, the baby is directly facing us, the height is also just right, making it very easy to talk to him, play with him, and taking awesome photo/videos.”

Bubzi Co. White Noise Sound Sleep Aid

I love this cute little owl, and the new Mom will love it, too. It’s a Buzi Co. Baby and Toddler White Noise Sound Machine. This will sooth baby and send him/her happily off to dreamland.

This stuffed toy plays soothing lullabies and is augmented by rotating galaxy lights. It runs about $30 on Amazon and offers different sounds (Mama’s heartbeat, lullabies, and bird song. What’s best of allis that it helps teach your baby to fall asleep in a natural, healthy way in his/her own bed. Yep. Moms and Dads take note.

It turns off automatically after half an hour.

Enthusiastic review:

“This owl saved our lives!! I never leave reviews but I had to for this item. We were really struggling with sleep training our son. Before we knew it, he was 10 months old and still not sleeping in his crib. I almost gave up until I found the Bubzi! My son loves the lights and all the lullabies. I also love the fact that the songs and lights last 30 minutes. Enough time for him to fall asleep on his own!”

Mommee Coffee (Low Acid)

Lots of new Moms still love their coffee, but want to cut back a little on the caffeine. This particular Mommee Coffee whole bean pack comes with quarter caff and is low acid and water processed. It’s also organic and free trade, if that matters to you. This company also offers half caff and other choices, so look around. Amazon sells 12 ounces for $16. Yes, that’s a little pricey, but in some cases the low acid offering is worth the price.

Lots of enthusiastic reviews, but here is a good one:

“Glad I found this coffee! I have had to go decaf recently but couldn’t find a brand that tasted like regular. So I decided to read up on coffee brands out there. I found momme coffee and decided to try 1/4 caf. It’s a nice smooth cup of coffee that doesn’t hurt my stomach. Thank you for creating this coffee!! Wow. Don’t ever stop! For those of us with sensitive stomachs…you have given us our morning coffee back. 😀”

Mrs. Patel’s Lactation Tea Herbal Blend

Perhaps your new Mom prefers tea, and we’ve got just the thing for her. Mrs. Patel’s Lactation Herbal Tea is perfect for breastfeeding and pumping Moms. It’s caffeine free, gluten free, fenugreek free, and dairy free. The cost isn’t free though. It’s about $20 on Amazon for 8.2 ounces.

The tea is ayurvedically balanced, and will calm and soothe the new Mom. She can enjoy it iced or hot.

Look around a bit on the Amazon site, and you will find Mrs. Patel’s munchies, too. Could make a great combo gift.Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“I dipped this 3x a day and was almost engorged every night!”

Pearhead Baby’s First Five Years Memory Book

I love the idea of a memory book because it’s something to enjoy for years to come. This Pearhead Baby’s First Five Years Memory Book comes with a cool baby-safe ink pad so a new Mom and Dad can capture a wee hand or foot print.

You can choose a blue, pink, or gray edition. It comes with 50 pages for Mom to fill with memories. You can put a picture of your baby on the cover. The memory book costs about $20 o Amazon.

Enthusiastic review:

“Arrived quickly and appears exactly as pictured. Had a really easy time doing the footprints and didn’t need to get baby’s foot covered in ink. I love how so many milestones are covered through the book and it lapses several years. Would definitely buy this baby book again (this was actually my second time buying this book. We bought the same one for our daughter.)”

Holy Mother Forking Shirtballs: Clean Swear Words

What a cool idea! No new Mother wants her kids to grow up swearing like lumberjacks, and this Holy Mother Forking Shirtballs Coloring Book provides some . . . er . . . alternatives expressions to use in front of the wee ones. It’s about $7 on Amazon, and your gift will have everyone howling.

Enthusiastic review:

“Everyone who saw this LOVED it! I got it for a white elephant gift for work…my roommate tried to steal it immediately after it arrived. Everyone at the work party loved it and it’s work-appropriate. Can’t get the actual swear word coloring books for work parties…probably frowned upon. Great quality paper and tear out easily to hang at your desk!”

New Mama Gift Set: Natural Skin Care for Mom and Baby

Here’s a gift any new Mom will enjoy. This gift box contains all natural herbal teas and skin care for the new mother and the baby. Wait until the whole family tries the rich and creamy ultra healing body butter or the ll-purpose salve, god for bruises and cuts. There’s even some newborn salve to help soothe baby skin.

Amazon carries this product for under $70.

Enthusiastic review:

“Got this as a shower gift. My friend was so thankful for a gift focusing on her after so many gifts were provided for the baby.”

Diaper Bag Backpack

I love the looks of this RUVALINO Multifunction Diaper Backpack because it’s so incredibly useful. It comes with its own changing pad, so Moms on the go can keep baby clean and comfortable. It’s big enough to hold all the essentials and still zip up to look crisp and cool. I like the insulated bottle pockets, big enough to hold most wide-neck baby bottles. Amazon has this diaper bag for under $40 right now.

The extra wide opening means you can find what you need in a hot hurry. The pack comes in several colors, too. P.S. I’m told this bag is big enough to hold stuff for twins.

Enthusiastic review:

“This backpack is HUGE and has so many pockets without looking like a big cluster of a mess of essentials! I like how there is elastic on the outsides of the pockets so our bottles don’t slide out and every size bottle fits! I’m able to bring the iPad/laptop along without worrying it’s going to get smashed it is super protected. Will recommend this bag to everyone.”

Coffee Mug for a New Mom

This cute coffee mug is sure to make a new mother smile. The message “Hello. My new name is Mommy” is printed on both sides, which makes this a good gift for left-handers and right. It’s under $15 on Amazon at the moment, so it won’t kill your pocketbook.

This mug is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Enthusiastic review:

“The packaging was very cute. The cup came as described. But that’s not it, you also get a free lid with your purchase. I didn’t expect this offer so it was a nice surprise. Sorry I spoiled it for you guys who are reading this :P”

Sterling Silver Pregnancy Necklace

If you’re just not sure what to get the new mother on your list, I suggest this sterling silver EFYTAL necklace. It has two interlocking rings to symbolize the bond between mother and child. This costs about $40 on Amazon.

The necklace is 18 inches long. Apparently, if the length is wrong, EFTAL will adjust it for free.

Enthusiastic review:

“It’s exactly what I was expecting. Very impressed with all the included packaging. You make it very easy to give a nice gift with excellent presentation. I figured out the display card in the box. It’s ready to go and just waiting for Mother’s Day. I also love the meaning behind the necklace with the gem representing the baby growing inside. This is our first baby and I didn’t really know if or what I was supposed to do for Mother’s Day, but I thought this was a perfect idea!
UPDATE: She loved it and thought it was perfect. I got a kudos from all of her friends that told her I nailed it for her first Mother’s Day.”

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