10 Cool Gifts for Mom

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Looking for some totally cool gifts for Mom? If she has a sense of humor or is just . . . well . . . cool, you are in the right spot.

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Tiny Stun Gun

Ok, this will keep your Mom safe, and so it made our list of cool gifts for Mom. It’s a teeny tiny stun gun, the VIPERTEK VTS 80. It’s rechargeable and has an LED flashlight. What’s even cooler is that it’s small enough for her to slip into her purse or her pocket, if she’s a runner. Amazon has it now for about $11, so you’ll have some change left over after you possibly save her life. Now, THAT’S a bargain.

For those of you clowns who are wondering if your Mom might accidentally stun herself if she keeps it in a pocket, well, fear not. There is a safety switch, you idiot.

Enthusiastic review:

“I re-ordered this item because my dog got a hold of the last one and chewed off the end. No, she didn’t get shocked or stunned thankfully, lol. But this product is fantastic and has actually saved me a couple times. I am a single female who works swing shift and more than once I have had to stop and get gas on the way home at 1 or 2 in the morning. I am always watching out behind me, in case anyone attempts to approach me in a not so friendly/appropriate manner, which they have.

Immediately, both instances, I took the stun gun out of my pocked, flipped the switch from off to flash light to stun gun and put my thumb on the black button, ready to press it at a moment’s notice. Both individuals had different reactions. One person immediately stopped in his tracks and walked away. The other put their hands up in the air and said “I don’t mean no disrespect! Please don’t hurt me!” And just the sight of it made them leave me be.”

Portable wine glass tumbler

Here’s a lovely portable wine tumbler for the Mom on the move. This is a GOVERRE a Glass: Portable Stemless Wine Glass Tumbler. It’s stemless, which is our preference, and made of shatter-resistant glass. She can toss it in the dishwasher to clean between uses. It has a lid, and she can drink her wine through it, kind of a Mom’s sippy cup. Amazon is selling this beauty for $26 now, but always check the current price.

The wide bottom makes it less likely to tip over. I’m told she has to be a little careful to be sure to seal the lid on nicely or it might leak. Assuming she does that, this is a definite on our list of cool gifts for Mom. Multi colors available.

Enthusiastic review:

“I have seen these in a boutique and thought they were so clever and loved all of the color options. I recently bought one to confidently drink red wine on our brand new and beautiful beige sofa (because I am infamously clumsy). I can see why some reviews said the lid still leaks if you do not properly secure the lid, which takes some finesse to get just right. This does dramatically lower the risk of me splashing red wine onto the sofa while drinking, so I think it’s a winner. The experience of drinking through the twist-open lid is a little strange and not as enjoyable as an open glass, but for my specific need – this is perfect. It says this can go in the dishwasher, but I will only hand wash because I don’t want to risk the lid warping in any way since that is the most important feature.”

The Mighty Purse

This Mighty Purse easily makes the list of cool gifts for Mom. It’s big enough to hold her stuff, but the cool part is that it recharges her phone (up to two times right inside the purse. The Mighty Purse has a built in micro USB port_how convenient is that? It costs about $100 now on Amazon and comes in a variety of colors.

It charges android phones that use Micro USB. A lightning adapter is included for various iPhone models.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“Seriously in love with this purse! I wanted something that not only charged my phone but could hold my keys, lipgloss and any other “stuff” you need on the go. This purse does all of that! If you want you can also just take out the charging aspect of the purse and just use it as a wristlet. I think I need one in a few colors.”

Peel-Off Mask Blackhead Remover

Okay, it may look funny, but trust me. If your Mom has blackheads of enlarged pores, she will be delighted with this Activated Facial Mud Mask, available at Amazon these days for just about $11.

This mask cleans the skin and takes care of any minor imperfections your Mom might have. Even better, the ingredients are all organic and natural. The ingredients help detox her skin and even make it softer.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“I have always suffered from skin problems, and because of the frequent use of Foundation, my pores have expanded and clogged. I tried different masks and scrubs, but they did not give the effect that I would’ve like to have. I’ve heard a lot about black masks and decided to order one. This mask is simple to use. You have to follow instructions and you’ll get a nice result! Apply it evenly, wait until it dries and then remove the homogeneous film. The mask does not injure or stretch the skin! It doesn’t smell like chemicals, it has a special tool to apply a mask. I love this mask! Going to order more for my sisters!”

AmazonBasic Extra Thick Yoga Mat

The truth is that it gets harder and harder to rest or exercise comfortably on a bare floor. This Extra Thick Exercise mat helps nicely with the aches and pains of getting older. You CAN get cheaper mats, but I speak from experience when I tell you that your Mom might well need the extra thickness this mat provides. You can get it on Amazon for about $18. Some people have mentioned in reviews that there is an odor, but the claim is that it goes away after a couple of days of being aired out.

The other attribute we like is the textured mat surface. You do not want your Mom falling, but the surface helps with traction issues. This mat has carrying strap, so she can easily take it to the gym or use it for at-home workouts.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“This mat is awesome! Im an extremely overweight individual trying to get fit and I purchased this mat in hopes of using it to do my floor exercises on, such as sit ups, instead of the bare, hardwood floor. This matter was PERFECT! I honestly wasnt expecting it to be as thick as it was! I was able to comfortably get down on the floor without my knees feeling like they were going break on the floor. Matter of fact, my knees didnt even touch the floor! I also love how its NOT memory foam. Memory foam sinks to your body’s pressure and I wanted something that stay firm, but supportive and this matter is it!”

Carnivore Club Gift Box

The Carnivore Club Gift Box is a fabulous present for anyone on your list, but even better if your Mom is on the Keto diet. As one who has been on the Keto diet for over a year, this selection of gourmet meats (about 1.5 pounds) looks like a serious treat. Amazon sells the gift box for about $50, and this box will satisfy Mom’s wildest carniverous desires.

The salamis have a bit of a kick to them, so bear that in mind if your Mom has trouble with spicy foods. Otherwise, she is in for some wonderful sausage.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“We got major kudos for this gift for a keto dieter on his birthday… they loved all of it and I made a note to send it next year too.”

Boca Terry Bathrobe, Luxury Microfiber

Spoil your Mom for Christmas, her birthday or no reason at all with this amazingly luxuriant Boca Terry bathrobe. If you don’t know Boca Terry robes and spa gifts, they are a company that produces high quality robes and spa gifts.

This cool and oh-so soft robe is available from Amazon for about $70. It’s made with plush microfiber on the outside and a soft french terrycloth on the inside. Your mom will love you forever if you see your way clear to buying this for her.

The robe is machine washable, so it’s a practical gift as well as a luxury item. It sports double belt loops, so it won’t open at embarrassing moments. This bathrobe has pockets for keys and can be worn at home or at the gym or sauna.

Enthusiastic review:

“I was recently in Key West staying at the Westin Hotel there and fell in love with the complimentary robe, however, it was white and I’m too accident-prone for a white robe. So when I found this robe in black and it arrived and was exactly like the Westin robe, I couldn’t have been more pleased! Love love love this robe! Not too bulky. I’m 5’8 and it comes almost to my ankles so shorter ladies may need to consider this (I ordered the one size).”

Shitaki Plug Spawn

Here’s a present your Mom will love. Let her grow her own Shitaki mushrooms with this Shitaki Plug Spawn, 100 count. These are actually wooden dowels. Using these dowels, Mom can inoculate her own logs and grow lots and lots of shitaki mushrooms. Yes, instructions are included. She can use any hardwood log (except pine), but oak is best, so this present would be perfect fort a mom with access to oak logs. We think this is a pretty cool gift. It’s about $17 on Amazon.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“This was my second order from this company. First order 3 yrs ago are still producing great shitake mushrooms from red oak logs. Just cut down another big red oak tree for next winters firewood and will use the limb wood to start more mushroom logs. Very easy to use. Great packaging and rapid delivery.”

Churro Maker

I’ll admit it. I chose this Churro Maker by StarBlue because . . . well, because I want one. I love, love, love churros, partly because they remind me of beautiful Spain. This kit is especially cool because the churros you make are cooked with no oil. So that makes these . . . um . . . well, sort of healthy, right? Yep, I think so. This churro kit also comes with a recipe book, so your Mom can make churros right away. Amazon has the Churro Maker at about $33, and it looks to me like it’s worth every penny, especially if Mom likes sweet pastry-type treats.

Do me a favor and buy this for your Mom, ok?

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“This is SUPER easy to use. I honestly thought that it would be more complicated. The churro stand at the fair looks intense. But it’s basically like a small waffle maker. You can also get pretty creative with the recipes. I tried the one from the video, and it worked well! Fluffy, not too sticky, and a decent amount of crunchiness on the outside. But you can also look up other recipes online too! I’m going to try a low sugar recipe next to make “healthy” churros. Got to get that beach body for summer 2019! LOL”

Kitty Prayer Sculpture

Here’s a cool gift for Mom that you won’t see just everywhere. How about a Novica 182531 Kitty Prayer Suar Wood Sculpture? If your Mom is as crazy for cats as I am, she’ll be happy to own this serene cat statue. It’s about 5.25″ H x 5.25″ W x 3.3″ D, so Mom can set it on the mantle while she does her Yoga or Qigong. It’s currently a little over $45 on Amazon, and I’m told this is nice quality. This cat brings a smile to my face just looking at it.

Enthusiastic review:

“Truly a beautiful addition to my counseling space. I try to include whimsical, yet meaningful pieces for my clients to focus on and this fit the bill! It is well made, the weight seems right (not too light or to heavy, but just right), and it’s truly a pleasure to look at!”