Best Gifts for a Mom–10 Tips

We know. She’s your Mom, and you want to find the best gifts for your Mom. But how to get started? Here are tips on how to find the right present for her.

  1. The runaway favorite gift for a mom is YOU. That means spending time with her. Consider ways you can include her in your life. Can you promise your Mom a weekly phone call (and then do it, of course)? How about dinner together once a month? Time with her grandkids? I promise that a present like that will mean more to her than an expensive gift.
  2. Put a smile on your Mom’s face. Start by making a list of what your Mom enjoys. It could be a hobby or a sport, but perhaps she really enjoys cooking or baking for her family. Use that list to begin your research.
  3. Don’t look for things that make more work for your Mom. The idea is to help her enjoy her life or maybe free up some time to let her spend extra minutes doing what she likes. So, whereas a vacuum cleaner might just signify work to her, a robot vacuum might let her rest while the house gets cleaned.
  4. Consider the occasion. Something humorous might be appropriate sometimes, but my mother mostly likes gifts that she can enjoy again and again. A framed photo is something your Mom can look at forever. A thought-provoking book can be read again and again. Maybe you can get the author of a favorite book to sign a copy for your mom.
  5. Make the present giving an event in itself. Give her your present for dessert on her birthday. You can get creative and leave hints around the house, like a sort of treasure hunt.
  6. Try for the gift that keeps on giving. For example, a subscription to a magazine means she will enjoy the magazine every month. If your Mom loves music, can you give her tickets to a concert series?
  7. If your mom already has pretty much everything already, it’s time for you to get creative. You can name a star after her (my husband gave me that once, and I adore it.) You can sponsor a wild animal in her name by “adopting” a creature in need. Wildlife organizations often offer sponsorship programs. A photo album always works for the woman who has everything.
  8. Have fun choosing the right gift. You can do that by starting early enough so gift-giving isn’t a last-minute chore. Think of what you and she enjoy doing together. Add an unexpected layer to the gift. For example, give her a framed photo of your kids and tell her you are all going to the zoo together on the day of her choosing. Really, I mean it–have fun.
  9. LISTEN. People will often tell you exactly what they want. A Stanford study shows that people are more appreciative when they get something they asked for than when it’s something you thought of. So listen to yo Mama, ok?
  10. Stick to something either really useful or a gift you can enjoy together, such as dinner, a movie etc. See rule one.