Gifts for Mom Under $25

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Careful shoppers can find awesome gifts for Mom that cost $25 or less–if you know where to look. And that (Kate bows modestly) is exactly where I can help. I love to find bargains and deals. Here is a list of cool presents for your Mom. And may I suggest our list of Gift Ideas for Mom under $30, which also has good choices.

YOUTHLAB Radiance Roller

Ok, your Mom is going to LOVE this YOUTHLAB Radiance Roller because it feels great and because it firms and tightens facial skin. PLUS this handy little tool relieves tension. The idea behind this beauty product is that it massages and invigorates the facial muscles. Results are best if used daily, but any sort of use at all will help relieve tension.

All your Mom needs to do is massage her face with this roller about 30-45 seconds every day. If he throws this in the refrigerator, the benefits increase. It’s $22 on Amazon.

Enthusiastic review:

“I love this radiance roller. I use it every night before bed and my skin feels great and it’s so relaxing! I’ve noticed that my skin is tighter and more radiant after a couple of weeks of using the radiance roller. It came in a beautiful box and love the purple!
Update: I’ve been using this product for a few months and I’ve noticed my jowl lines are not sagging as much. I highly recommend getting this product and incorporating into your daily skin care regimen.”

Porcelain Butter Keeper

If your Mom dislikes trying to spread hard butter on her morning toast, here is the perfect gift. This Sweese 3109 Porcelain Butter Keeper Crock not only looks nice but also keeps one stick of butter soft, safe and spreadable. It comes is a variety of colors, so choose one your Mom will like. Amazon sells this for about $17.

It’s easy to keep this crock clean and will be fine in a dishwasher. Pro tip: add a little salt or vinegar to the water to keep the butter fresh longer. That won’t affect the taste either. The water should be changed every few days. There are good directions on the Amazon site.

Enthusiastic review:

“Back in Australia, our butter was always spreadable. Right out of the fridge, Australian butter would soften up and yield itself tothe bread. But American butter? I don’t know what this stuff is made of, but it’s like a brick, it takes forever to soften and by then my toast would be cold already. The butter crock saves the day. I’ve never used one before (Mind you I never *needed* to leave butter at room temp until USA happened) My original concerns would be that I would get wet butter because of the water, but the air pocket pushes the water out and the butter stays dry. The bell fits 1 stick of butter. The cylinder is marked with a line for the water so there’s no guess work involved. I got mine in the light blue and the color is absolutely lovely. Hats off to the french for this ingenious invention!”

Phone Screen Magnifier

These phone screen magnifiers are just sooo cool. This particular one is a Jteman 5-in-1 Bluetooth speaker 3D HD cell phone projector. It magnifies up to two to three times actual cell phone screen size. It works with Smart iPhones and Androids. And, this also works as photo frame, if your mom doesn’t want to watch movies. No more strain for Mom’s eyes. Amazon sells it for about $24. Works on  iPhone 5/5s/6/plus /7/8/X.

Enthusiastic review:

“I  love this magnifier. When watching movies they are clear, magnified as 2-3x’s as advertised. Bluetooth feature is awesome and the movie pauses after you answer a call until you end the call.”

Agate Bookends

These AMOYSTONE Agate Bookends are such a lovely shade of teal that they will look great on Mom’s bookshelf. The pair of them weigh 2-3 pounds and come with rubber bumpers to stop them from skidding. Please note that these are uneven in size and shape, and that is intentional. The surfaces are polished, but the outer rims are natural.

There may be flaws, such as small cracks. That’s ok. It’s meant to be natural. Remember that makes each set unique. They are about 4″ tall. Amazon sells these for $25.

Enthusiastic review:

“These agate bookends are beautiful! They do the job keeping books upright with their weight (I ordered the 6-8 pound rocks). I recommend these to anyone looking for beautiful, natural-looking bookends, or standalone decorations in your home or office.”

Coffee Mug Warmer

To be perfectly honest, I chose to feature this VOBAGA Coffee Mug warmer because of this cool review. The mug costs $22 on Amazon, but let’s get to the review:

“Ok, there are a gazillion of these on Amazon. how to decide … hmmm. almost all of them have a few “this is the bomb” and almost all of them have complaints that are so silly, they are comical. Many had legitimate complains, concerns and legitimate likes.

Here is how I decided on this one. it is not the prettiest. not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. what turned my head was the reviews. many had reviews that it does this and that, blah, blah and blah.

The reviews for this one? it had the usual quagmire of the good, the bad and the ugly, but … almost 80% said somewhere in the review that “This thing keeps my coffee or tea hot!” that’s right … it keeps it hot!. that’s what I was looking for. A lot of conciseness that this does what it says … keep my stuff HOT!

This one does not auto turn off! OMG! how will I get by … I KNOW … I will hit the little button and MANUALLY (soooo 19th century) turn it off. what a concept!


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