10 Gift Ideas for a Mom Under $30

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So here it is, time to buy a gift for your Mom, and this is you not knowing what to get. That’s where we come in. We love to shop, so let us find the perfect present for you when you just don’t have the time to wander through endless stores. We KNOW it’s important to find the right present for someone as special as she is, so let this be your one online stop for gift ideas for Mom.

Nobody says you have to pay big bucks for a gift for your mom. Yes, you want something classy and totally cool. We get it, so here are some ideas that won’t break the bank. Most of these gifts below are in the $20-$30 dollar range, but always double chck the current price because they do change.

Just so you’ll know, I make a small commission on these (no extra cost to you) if you decided to purchase. I like to be upfront.

We chose every one with care because we want your Mom happy. Check out these gift ideas for a mom!

Java Press Manual Coffee Grinder

  1. Start your Mom’s day right with a Java Press Manual Coffee Grinder, available at Amazon. Give her precision control over coffee grounds that will be perfect, no matter what kind of coffee maker she uses (Pour Over, Cold Brew, French Press, Percolator, AeroPress, Espresso etc. ). No batteries or long cords needed!

Note that this Java Press IS a manual grinder, so it requires a little strength. In return, your mom gets precision control, and she can take it anywhere–even camping. This gift will run about $24.

An enthusiastic review:

“Holy cow is this grinder awesome!”

Etereauty Facial Cleansing Brush

2. Every woman (yes, even your Mom) wants to look clean and fresh. NOTHING, but nothing is better than sparkling, radiant skin. It goes further than that because in my case, after a facial, I FEEL great. This Etereauty Facial Cleansing Brush will give your mother a new outlook on life every time she uses it.

This all-in-one system has a brush that exfoliates dry facial skin and another that gently cleans her skin. The package includes a supply of different brush head attachments, so she can use one brush head for cleaning, another for exfoliating, and a third for callouses. You get a fourth brush that can be used on sensitive skin.

The unit can be adjusted from low to high, meaning it’s highly customizable. You will want to grab a couple of AA batteries, since those don’t come with the set, but it does include a portable travel case.

And, just so you’ll know, the bristles are latex free. Personally, I don’t care, but your mother might be allergic.

An enthusiastic Amazon review:

“Throw away your Biore pore strips that don’t work anyways and ORDER THIS! Where has this been my whole life? I have struggled with blackheads on my nose as an adult, even though i have a great complexion. I have found Nothing that works better than this brush. I use this 2-3x per week in the shower and my skin stays completely clear. I use this sometimes before i put on my retinol serum before bed. The serum soaks in much more after i use this brush. I can tell my skin is 100% clean after use!”

Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag

3. Oooh! Ahhh! HERE is a cool (and very stylish) gift every Mom will like. Check out this Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag with Tassel because this bag is sure to please. What’s great is that it comes in just about any color imaginable, so have at it. The shoulder strap is adjustable. It’s faux leather, so no cow died to make this bag. It runs about $14, but always check on the latest price.

A story: On a recent trip to Europe, I lost my iPhone. I suspect it fell out of my purse one day, but whatever happened, it was gone. I swore on that day to never buy another bag that didn’t have a zippered pocket where my iPhone would be safe. You can bet I’m careful now.

An enthusiastic Amazon review:

“Absolutely adorable! I ordered the red and the navy blue/taupe for my birthday. I love them so much. They fit my long wallet, keys, lipstick, my phone and I even put 2 mini bottles of wine in there lol. I love the striped lining on the inside. Gives it a nice sophisticated look. The purse seems high quality, but I’ll be sure to update if my opinion changes.

Brussel’s Bonsai Live Satsuki Azalea

4.We love this cute little Brussel’s Bonsai Live Satsuki Azalea Outdoor Bonsai tree. It comes with a little guy fishing in the pond, and your Mom can totally zen out with this gift. It’s about 8 to 10 inches tall, so it works on a small outside patio or on a table in a larger garden area. It comes with a clay pot, soil, and instructions so you won’t accidentally let it grow to 20 or 30 feet while waiting to give this bonsai to your Mom.

Remember this tree does best outside, but people do put it in an office cubicle or use it as a centerpiece people will LOVE. It’s about $30 as of this writing, but check the most current price.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“Came on time. Package was really done well. The plant had plenty of room so it wouldn’t get squished. The pot was secured to a styrofoam base with a piece of cardboard to prevent it from bouncing around. The plant arrived healthy with no damage. I’m happy with my purchase and I am buying another plant from the seller.”

Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser

5. Do you want something your mother will love through the years? Aha! This URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser may be just the ticket. It’s an ultasonic cool mist humidifier (nice!) with color LED lights. It’s perfect for an office or home. This baby runs about $28, but be sure to check for the current price before buying. Good for calming an overactive mind or even enducing a romantic atmosphere. Either way, your Mom will thank you for years and years.

While you’re at it, you probably want to throw in some essential oils so she can use the diffuser right away. You can buy a set of six Lagunamoon essential oils, including orange, which relieves anger. Yep, you can slip a little orange essential oil into her diffuser when she finds out you-know-what.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“I purchased this for the office and have placed it in the reception area (right behind my desk). The attorneys’ offices are adjacent to mine, and the scent is strong enough to linger in all offices without being overwhelming. The diffuser also works to tame our allergies (literally everyone here has been sneezing the past week, but as soon as the diffuser arrived and was plugged in, the sneezing stopped).

It’s whisper quiet – so much so that I sometimes forget it’s even there. Directions are easy to understand and everything is straightforward. Not to mention how chic the diffuser looks! It takes up very little space and matches our antique/rustic furniture beautifully. Subtle enough to blend in when you really aren’t looking for it, but stylish enough to stand out when you first step in the office and take a look around.”

Digital Photo and Video Frame

6. Does your mom always ask for more pictures of you or maybe her grandkids? This will satisfy anyone wanting to see your happy, smiling face often. It’s a Living Image 15″ Digital Photo and Video Frame. It can display up to 12 MP pictures, video and music (1 GB of internal memory). It takes SD Memory cards. One idea is for you to fill up an SD card every couple of months, so she can swap out the photos. It’s kinda cool because you can have the photos fade out just before they change for a nice effect. Right now, this digital photo frame is about $20, but be sure to check the price. Prices DO change.

You can grab a 16 MB Sundisk Flash Memory card from Amazon while you are at it, just to get you started.

Enthusiastic review:

“I have now bought three of these. You can’t beat it for this price, period! Is it the quality of other frames that cost 100+, maybe not, but seriously, 15” with the features it has for this price (25), it is a HUGE bargain! It does have a silver surround as noted/pictured by another reviewer.

Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath

7. Ok, now here’s something your Mom has probably never tried. You’re going to fix that, right? This is Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath, and reviewers RAVE about this product. When Mom tosses some mustard powder into a hot tub and gets in, she will feel relaxed and rejuvenated, and this feeling will last long after her bath. It’s great for relieving stress. Not only does a mustard bath feel awesome, it’s healthy, too. This product helps hydrate the skin and leaves her feeling soft and silky. You can buy this for about $29, so it fits our criteria, but be sure to check the link first for the current price.

People ask if mustard bath powder will stain a tub. It WILL leave a residue, but this can be easily rinsed off (especially right after the bath), so no worries there. It is possible that more porous tubs might stain, so check her tub first.

If you REALLY want to treat your Mom, you can add Dr. Singha’s Mustard Rub, which feels fabulous after the bath.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“I’ve been using this for 15 years now and for 10 of those years had a heck of a time finding it. This is the best stuff to use in your bath if you have a cold, the flu, allergy problems, or just feel yucky. 20 minutes in a hot bath with this will get you sweating up a storm and will clear your sinuses and take some of the muscle aches away. Especially if you combine it with OLBAS therapeutic herbal bath. I attribute shorter colds, milder hay fever allergy reactions, and less muscle and joint ache in damp weather to this. I’m 68 years old but feel 10 years younger after a mustard bath!”

Bluetooth Headphones

8. Does your Mom run or like to go to the gym? If so, I’ll bet she will appreciate a set of Bluetooth Headphones. These are wireless, noise-cancelling headsets perfect for her workouts. They promise a great sound and a really good battery life (important!). Also they stay in her ears, regardless of ear size. She can adjust the ear hooks around her ears for a customized fit. And the connection is strong enough that the sound will not cut in and out, even if she is jogging. The set comes with three pair of comfortable get Ear tips (small, medium, and large). If your mom is ready for the next generation in headphones, maybe this gift will be right for her. They cost about $18, so you can make her VERY happy without hurting your own wallet.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“Extremely pleased with this headset. It definitely exceeded my expectations considering the price of the headset. You just can’t beat the price in my opinion. Put them in your ear, connect to your phones Bluetooth and just jam away. Whether you’re working out or at a construction site, you will not hear anything around you. Leaving you between working out and your music or working and your music. If you keep the volume at its lowest you’ll still hear what’s going on outside of your headset, otherwise, crank that puppy up and zone out the world. Has some decent bass to it too, not insane bass but enough to get your body moving to the beat. Just love this headset.

Did I mention it’s water resistant? Don’t remember what the description mentions about water but I’m sure you cannot submerge it in water and expect them to work. What I can review is that I’ve sweated profusely with these on with no issues. I’ve gotten rained on several times and still going. I purchased these about 6 months ago and waited to write a review as I do with all products to give it time to do its job. Just can’t work without these headphones anymore, I got spoiled with these!!”

Waterfly Sling Chest Backpack

9. If you have a Mom who is active, this very nice Waterfly Sling Chest Backback/Crossbody is an excellent choice. It’s only about $18, and is nicely constructed of superior nylon and mesh. Plus it’s water repellent and lightweight. Mom can sling it over her shoulder with groceries or day gear. It is also foldable for vacations and such.

The bag comes in several colors, and she can also adjust the strap to fit juuuuuust right. She can easily take it with her on bicycle rides or day hikes. Did I mention it has several compartments? Well, it does, including a hidden back pocket for her wallet and keys. There is also a strap pocket for an iPhone, such as iPhone 8.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:

“I LOVE IT! I run a dog walking business and I bought this to carry my water bottle and ALL of my supplies with me. It’s perfect. Great size. It fits all my treats, my first aid gear, water bowls, and balls in the main compartment with ease. Inside that is a smaller one that holds my hand sanitizer, chapstick, and business card holder with plenty of room.

My wallet and keys go in the compartment on the back side. There’s lots of room for other things to fit too. It has a place for my phone on the strap for easy access when I need it and it holds my klean kanteen on the side. The material doesn’t soak water in which is hugely helpful in my drool a lot business. I hook the potty bags to the side and really, you could hook all kinds of things to it. I am very happy with it and all my clients love it too!”

Columbia Women’s Soft Fleece Vest

10. Here’s a special gift for a special Mom. Yours! This is a Columbia Women’s Soft Fleece Vest that offers just the right amount of warmth. It’s 100% polyester, and yes, it is machine washable. The pockets are zippered for addition security. Most of all, it’s both stylish and comfortable.

Enthusiastic review:

“I LOVE this vest! I have NEVER worn a vest before (well not since high school) and thought this was cute! I’m 27 weeks prego and it fits great! Normally I’d wear a medium, but I think this fits TTS. I got it on a lightning deal too for a fabulous price!”

That completes our list of Gift Ideas for a Mom, but keep checking back!

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